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Play The Game Crush the Castle TD Hacked Unblocked With Money Cheat

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Hacks & Cheats Description

Keys J Add Money In-Game


Long ago the King of the Redvonian empire conquered the lands thanks the help of his loyal and cunning Siege Master. The Siege Master vanquished all those who opposed his King by toppling the very castles they hid beneath with deadly precision.

The mighty Redvonian King feared nothing, for he believed all of his enemies were buried beneath debris and rubble. And they were...except for King Blutias. Surrounded by the ruins of his kingdom and the bodies of his followers, King Blutias swore revenge. He amassed a terrifying army and marched toward the Redvonian empire with the intention of destroying every castle in sight... Even if they had to remove each stone by hand. The Redvonian King knew there was only one hope for his people's survival. He would once again call upon the Siege Master.


Place towers along paths or in strategic areas to defend your castle. Upgrade towers to improve damage, fire rate, range and more. Unlock research buildings to research new enhancements for all your towers. Level up and improve your research abilities.

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