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Play The Game DBZ Devolution 1.2.3 (2016) Hacked Unblocked With Health Cheat

Rating: 4.1 ★

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Hacks & Cheats Description

Keys 1 Toggle P1 Health; 2 Toggle P1 Energy; 3 Toggle P2 Health; 4 Toggle P2 Energy


Dragon Ball Z Devolution is one of the most popular fan-made fighting games based on Dragon Ball Z franchise. The first version of the game was made in 1999.

Five years later, in 2004, Dragon Ball Z Devolution (formerly known as Dragon Ball Z Tribute) was moved to Flash/Action Script and gained great popularity after publication one of the first playable versions in Newgrounds. The graphics are inspired by Dragon Ball Z Goku Gekit┼Źden (Game Boy). The creator of Dragon Ball Z Devolution was disappointed with the new game, but it gave him idea to create an action game with similar graphics.


The game has only got two ways to attack, melee and KI blasts. The melee attacks are when you are close up, and sometimes you can get into a clash wich you have to press your attack button button as fast as possible.

The other type of attack is the KI blast. You can do two types of KI blast, a tiny KI blast and a giant KI wave (like the kamehameha). If two KI waves hit each other, you get a KI clash, where you have to press your attack button as fast as possible.

You can also Block and Charge you KI with your defend button. Charging KI is what allows you to do ki blasts. You can also make an afterimage by doubletapping your moving keys, you will dodge attacks in the afterimage.

Some characters have a special attack and transformations, wich can be pulled off by pressing the attack key + up to do their special attack and defence ki + up to transform.


Version 1.2.3, released in 2016.

Play it now at for free!

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