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Play The Game Knighttron Hacked Unblocked With Infinite Health

Rating: 4.2 ★

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Hacks & Cheats Description

Keys J Toggle Infinite Health Mode; K Toggle Mana


Fight, trade, loot and complete quests to enlist the support of new allies. Who knows what secrets lay hidden in this world?

Enjoy hours of exciting gameplay in this curious world of both might & magic. Control parties of up to three characters in this turn-based strategy adventure!

Play it now at for free!

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Random Games

Great Conquest 8 Add Units; 9 Add Money In-Game
Mega Mechs Assembling J Toggle Infinite Health Mode
Soda Dungeon Lite J Toggle Infinite Health Mode. You are supposed to lose the first battle.
Bomb It 5 1 Toggle Infinite Health Mode
two player
Click Battle 7 Add Gold; 8 Toggle Infinite Health Mode; 9 Toggle Cooldown
Raze 2 J Toggle Infinite Health Mode; K Add Money In-Game; L Unlock All Levels
Incursion 2: The Artifact G Add Money In-Game; H Add Lives; J Toggle Unit Health; K Toggle Spells Cooldown; L Add Magic; U Add Goblin Market Money; I Add Hero Skill Points
Neon Race J Add Money In-Game
AdVenture Capitalist J Add Money In-Game
Collapse It 2 9 Add Bombs
Kill the Plumber 2 J Win Level
Earn to Die J Toggle Fuel

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