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Play The Game Stick Squad Hacked Unblocked With Infinite Ammo

Rating: 4.8 ★

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Hacks & Cheats Description

Keys J Toggle Infinite Health Mode; K Toggle Infinite Ammo Mode; L Add Money In-Game


We can guarantee you never heard of Stikman Squad. After all, it is the most classified squad that performs the most impractical tasks around the world.

In the game you have to support the squad as a sniper. Keep an eye on the sniper's sight from afar, so that everything goes according to plan. The unimaginable adventures of the detachment begin at the moment when the terrorists steal the secret weapon, which was transported in the trailer. With the help of radar signals, intelligence agencies have found out that the weapons are in Australia, now it's up to our brave detachment. Playing for a sniper, you can acquire a few real skills. And also to learn ballistics and other interesting things. There is a shop in the game. In it you can buy not only sniper rifles and assault rifles, as well as pistols to support your team. It is also necessary to note the game interface, which is made in a beautiful modernist style. What ended the journey of the detachment - find out for yourself.

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